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Wedding Reception Activities

Better Beats Entertainment will make your First Dance, Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Son Dance, and other requested dances a beautiful and meaningful experience. We also provide a unique and flawless spin on the Bouquet Toss, the Garter Ceremony, the Tossing of the Garter, and the Next Married tradition. 

However, we also have a variety of unique and fun activities to choose from provided below!

The Shoe Game

The idea is to find out how well our new bride and groom actually know each other. The DJ will ask a series of questions and both the bride and groom will answer simultaneously by holding up either a lady's shoe or a man's shoe. Two chairs will be placed in the middle of the dance floor back to back with the bride in one chair and the groom in the other chair. There is a long list of questions that you can choose from, or you can create your own! 

Living Guest Book

Once the food has been served and the guests are seated, prompt cards would be filled out by the guests providing their own advice to the new couple to help them in their married life. The advice can be practical, romantic, funny, or downright rude in a humorous manner. The cares would be placed into a folder and presented to the Bride and Groom later in the evening to the audience. This activity allows the focus to remain on the Bride and Groom! 

The Best Party Pack

Simply the best party pack is a 'party in a box' using props for the guests to choose from that could include coconut bras, leis and grass skirts, inflatable guitars, saxophones, and microphones, tambourines, maracas, and a selection of party hats, glittery boppers, and wants. These items would be kept secret from the guests until the time is right! This is a great hit that more Brides and Grooms are choosing to boost the excitement of the reception!


Click The Buttons Below For Our Free 'Your Reception' In-Depth Pamphlet Guide For Each Activity!


Make Your Own Music Selection!

We have a large selection of music to choose from in the Music Selection portion of the website, but our vast music library is not limited to this!

Click HERE for the Music Selection of our website.

At the Initial Meeting with a Better Beats Entertainment Staff Member and the Bride and Groom, we will discuss precise details to make your Wedding Reception a unique and magical moment.

We will provide you with a Wedding Reception Worksheet that you can take you time on and return to us at your convenience.

New York Agenda


Cocktail Hour

Grand Entrance

First Dance

Open Dancing

Salad Course

Father/Daughter Dance

Mother/Son Dance

Open Dancing

Entree Course

Formal Toasts

Longevity Dance

Open Dancing

Cake Cutting

Bouquet & Garter Tosses

Open Dancing

Last Dance

The Bride and Groom decided to do a little mixing on the turntables at their wonderful wedding at The Poughkeepsie Grand!

Your job is to have fun at your wedding.....our job is to provide you not just with a wonderful Reception, but also an Experience that will last forever in your memory...

Better Beats Entertainment.....making your special day a memorable success!

Wedding Reception Worksheet

Click on Image to Enlarge

(We will provide a Hard Copy of this Worksheet at the Initial Meeting)

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